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This website was developed in the Ecoinflow project (
The project promotes better energy management in the sawmill industry in order to reduce the industry’s energy bills and helps to achieve the European greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for 2020.

Over a period of 3 years, ECOINFLOW is coordinated by the Novwegian Institute of Wood Technology (Treteknisk). The project is led by 12 project partners involving nine countries (Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Norway and Sweden).

This site offers the opportunity for companies to compare their own energy consumption to fifty European sawmills. The energy consumption of your company is compared with the average value from all the sawmills, but also with subgroups divided according to specific characteristics of the mills (for example: volume timber received at the sawmill, if softwood or hardwood is processed, the material yield).

This strategic information will remain anonymous; the participating company’s identity will not be mentioned on the site.